Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study

The Gospel Of John: A life changing encounter with God's Word from the Book of John

 Men's Breakfast Bible Study:

We will now be meeting Bi - Weekly:  

 - next meeting is Friday Feb. 9, the Friday Feb. 23

- for March the dates are Friday March 9 and Friday March 23

This is a study from NavPress and the Life Change series. We will be studying the Book of John starting Friday Sept. 22nd. 7AM at Trinity. 

The authors recommend that you read the entire Book of John in one sitting BEFORE we undertake the study. ( “It will require about 1 hour , 21 chapters. ) It is wise to come to some tentative sense of what a book is about and what its author is trying to accomplish before examining isolated passages in detail. The first question we strive to answer as students ( yes students you read right! My addition !) of the Bible is, “What message was the author trying to convey to the original readers? ”This question helps us focus on the intent of the author so that we will get out of the book what the Holy Spirit intended. We approach this question by reading the book through one or more times looking for impressions,repeated words and ideas, and getting the author’s feelings about his topic and his readers.” Pg. 10 Study Skill Overview. 

The study will have more for you IF you have the book and work with it for each of our sessions. Can you spare 1 hour to read the Gospel of John before we start Men’s Breakfast BIBLE STUDY? I’ve been going through John – my impression is that this is the Book of Truth – and we all want to know the truth because “ the truth will set you free.” ( John 8:32b) Free from what ? We are going to study that! “What is truth” ( John 18:38a Pilate replying to Jesus.) We are going to study that! If you’d rather just come and listen and contribute , learn and pray than that is just fine and the only Book you’ll need is The Bible.

Men’s Breakfast Bible Study will start Friday September 22 at 7AM to 8AM at Trinity. One month to get the book and read John!

Coffee, Bagels and Berries provided!